Auto Body Painting

Ogston’s Body & Paint is a quality auto paint repair facility providing quality body painting for cars and other vehicles.  

You can rely on Ogston’s Body & Paint to restore your car to its pre-accident condition when you bring it in for service. We are able to provide painting services for both domestic and foreign vehicles, as well as fiberglass painting and paint matching.

At Ogston’s Body & Paint we make paint repairs easy. Whether you need an estimate for your insurance company, need a loaner car during your repair, or simply just want to have your car restored back to its original condition as soon as possible – we are here to help.  

Flawless Auto Painting By Highly Experienced Technicians

Our technicians have years of experience performing quality auto body repairs and restoring vehicles. All of the work performed by our technicians is top-notch and timely. They will also thoroughly inspect your vehicle prior to it leaving our shop.

With our superior paint matching technology, we can guarantee that the new paint will match perfectly, leaving you totally satisfied with the result. The innovative technology used in our shop is the most accurate paint matching available, allowing our technicians to mix for the exact color of your car using precise adjustments to get it just right.

From minor scratches to heavy paint damage, we’ve seen it all and have the expertise and knowledge to make any needed paint repair. Ogston’s Body & Paint guarantees your satisfaction for any and all body painting work on your vehicle.

Green Auto Painting

Being an auto painting shop that is “eco-friendly” means that we continually strive to use not only the highest quality eco-friendly paints and products but also the ones that are the least toxic to the environment. We use Waterborne PPG paint in our shop because they have been found to have a significantly lower volatile organic compound which reduces VOC emissions.

As a team, we also strive to reduce the impact we have on our environment by being more conscious of how we use energy and how we dispose of waste. Going green may not seem common for an auto body paint and repair shop but at Ogston’s Body & Paint, going green is an important value of ours. While providing quality service to our customers is always our top priority, being eco-friendly is a close second.

In order to continually provide our customers with the best eco-friendly auto paint repair in Duluth. We are constantly striving to remain innovative and utilize the newest technologies available to ensure your vehicle always looks its best.

Caring for Your New Finish

To keep your new car finish looking shiny and new we recommend you avoiding commercial car washes, waxing or polishing your car for at least 90 days. If you do want to wash your car you should hand wash it with warm water and a mild car detergent. You will also want to avoid drying it with a dry cloth so it doesn’t scratch the vehicle. If you notice bird droppings you should remove them as quickly as possible and avoid scraping snow or ice from your car in the finished area.

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